Our Products

We often receive questions regarding the ingredients of our cakes, products we use for cake decorating, delivery dates, etc. Here we shall put answers to the most frequently asked questions.

1. What cake sponges do you use?

We don’t work with ready-to-use sponges available from any wholesale store. We bake fresh sponges for each cake order using natural products. We don't use any substitutes.

2. How do you saturate cake sponges?

We saturate sponges with a bit of sugar water to keep them soft. We NEVER use juice from canned fruits for sponge saturation as it shortens the life of a cake.

3. What do you use for cake coating?

Cakes without sugar coating are topped with chocolate chips of various colors, desiccated coconut, caramel crumbs, chocolate glazing, plant cream, etc.

We use marshmallow fondant sugar paste for coating design cakes. It tastes much better and is more suitable for storing in a fridge than marzipan paste. Besides, cakes look nicer and more neat. It is an edible beautiful packaging, but don’t try to it all (unless you are the greatest sweet tooth)! You can put it aside if it tastes too sweet. Enjoy the taste of a cake and its fillings!

In tiered cakes we use bamboo sticks to make the structure stable.  We often use floral wire for sugar flowers, and sugar figures may contain toothpicks. Mind it while eating elements of a cake décor. Keep non-edible parts away from kids!

Sugar paste flowers and figures can be kept as souvenirs in a dry place without time limit.

4. What do you put under marshmallow paste coating?

We put ganache under fondant coating. We prepare ganache of Belgian raw chocolate and Ingman or Valio cream. If you don’t like chocolate, we can put buttercream under fondant coating.

5. What is an edible image?

An edible image is an image printed onto an edible rice paper sheet with food colorings and topped with decorating gel. Note that wafer paper doesn't stand moist well, and after an overnight stay in a fridge, the image may blur. That is why, we put an edible image on cakes without frosting shortly before  the pick-up time in order to keep the brightness of the image colors. We recommend picking up cakes topped with edible images on the party day. In case of fondant-frosted cakes topped with an edible image, there's no need to consider this matter.

We can print any picture you like with the size of more than 800 х 600 px. Note that an edible printer is not a laser one, and it's difficult to replicate intricate color combinations based on various hues of the same color. Bright or contrast color images with sharply defined borders of the color areas suit the best for printing onto wafer paper.  

6. What cream do you use?

The most delicious part of any cake is surely its filling. We provide a large variety of fillings, but most popular are whipped cream fillings with various fruit flavors (a nice name for these fillings is crème mousse). Let’s talk more about cream.

Plant and natural milk cream

Plant cream is a very convenient raw material in terms of cake decoration and excess profit. It is cheap, it keeps its shape well after whisking and it has a long expiry date. Most confectionary factories use plant cream in large amounts to produce and decorate their cakes.  

Noteworthy information: “Plant cream is made of vegetable fats (palm kernel, coconut or palm oil) and contains milk proteins, which make plant cream taste, look and smell like natural milk cream, and various stabilizers, emulsifying agents, colorings, acidity regulators, and aromas”.

So we use only low-lactose NATURAL MILK CREAM by Ingman and Valio 38% for cream fillings.  It is 3 to 4 times more expensive than plant cream, it has a short expiry date and it keeps its shape for 3-4 hours only after whisking, but it is natural and tasty.

The only exception to this rule is an allergy to cow’s milk protein, but you should remember that a cake will taste different. So we apologize for the differences in taste, especially if you have tried our cakes before. We use plant cream in small amounts for decorating some cakes without fondant paste coating. 

7. What is the delivery date for cake orders?

Every handmade cake requires plenty of time. Even the simplest (in client’s opinion) cake needs at least 2 days of baker’s work or even more if you consider the time required to make sugar paste figures, flowers and other cake decor.

8. Why are your cakes so expensive?

On ordering an exclusive cake, it’s hard to imagine how many things a baker would need to make exactly what you want, should it be a sugar paste figure, a flower or a certain lace. 

Compared to an industrial cake that requires the bare minimum, i.e. a piping bag and a set of decorating tips, a baker spends a great deal of money on tools to create a design cake.

In order to make a high-quality cake, a cake decorator must keep studying various techniques and spend plenty of time practicing them until he/she has brought them to perfection, and only after that a cake master can offer a new technique to a client. This takes time and money. If not money, then time, but time is money)).

Each cake has its own special touch and soul created with baker’s love and skillful hands. You’ll never find that in a store bought cake commonly sold in supermarkets at the price of one fifth of a design cake. You can buy it, however, you’ll never get an ounce of delight that you’ll get from an exclusive cake created by a cake master especially for you.

And if you think about the cost of natural products and the time a baker spends on creating a cake of your dream you’ll see why our cakes can’t be cheap.

9. How to compare prices?

In order to compare prices for cakes from various bakeries, one should unify the initial data for comparison, otherwise it will end in a misleading result. The easiest way is to compare prices per kilo for cakes of the same class (fondant frosting cakes or cream topping cakes; abundance of cake decor and its intricacy; handmade or other decorative elements) and of the same consistency (milk cream filling or plant cream filling, ready-made sponge from the store or handmade sponge, fresh berries or frozen berries, etc.)

10. How to place an order?

You can order a cake by sending a message by email or through our contact form. For more detailed information on ordering a cake see Order a cake.