Order a Cake

I want a cake!

Prior to ordering a cake, please navigate our website to get some basic information on the options. “Fillings” will surely help you to choose a filling to your taste. “Pricing” will guide you into estimate prices for various cake options.  And, of course, our gallery will show you the variety of our cake creations! For the sake of clarity, we kindly ask you to read the information below!


How to place an order?

We accept orders only in writing to our email address nataliankonditoria@gmail.com or through our contact form!

The request for a CAKE should contain the following:

  1. Date and time of pickup (our patisserie is open for the clients only when agreed with our confectioner).
  2. Number of guests, or a desired weight of a cake without sugar paste coating (please note that the weight of a cake is an estimate and it may vary)
  3. Desired fillings
  4. Tell us what you are looking for in terms of a cake design and concept or send us a picture of a cake you like.
  5. Texting? Color concepts? Additional information (allergies, must-have decor, target budget if you wish, other issues)?
  6. Delivery or pickup? The address of the patisserie is mentioned on the website!
  7. Your contact phone number is mandatory!


An order is accepted when we send an order confirmation to a client!


How to calculate the size of a cake?

The size and weight of a cake depends on the number of guests and the fillings you choose (nutritious with fatty butter cream or light with fruit whipped cream), and on the diversity of the banquet menu (the more courses, the more easily your guests will get full).

We recommend a portion size of 150-200 g per person.
We also advise ordering a bigger cake rather than a smaller one. If there’s some cake left after the banquet, don’t worry - you can eat it the next day, however, it will be a pity if someone doesn’t get a cake.   



We accept cash payments in our store, or we can invoice private and legal entities if it's technically possible. We don't accept card payments.



On picking up a cake from our bakery, the client takes up a full responsibility for the safety of the cake during its transportation!

The car must move at a lower speed avoiding abrupt brake application or speedups and slowing down on turns! The box or cake base must be positioned on a horizontal surface, not on the backseat as it’s angled, not on the laps, as a passenger won’t manage to keep a cake horizontally. The temperature in the trunk must not exceed +16 С.

Prior to serving a cake, it must be kept in a fridge! The cake will lose its initial look and taste while being stored in a hot place with high humidity!

The cake must be stored in a fridge to a maximum of 3 days. (Natural products have a short storage life). Avoid freezing a product!

It’s absolutely inappropriate to store a cake in a freezer or to keep it outside during winter when the temperature goes below +4С.


Note that...

Cakes can be coated with sugar paste. It is an edible beautiful packaging, but don’t try to it all (unless you are the greatest sweet tooth)! You can put it aside if it tastes too sweet. Enjoy the taste of a cake and its fillings!

In tiered cakes we use bamboo sticks to make the structure stable.  We often use floral wire for sugar flowers, and sugar figures may contain toothpicks. Mind it while eating elements of a cake décor. Keep non-edible parts away from kids!

Sugar paste flowers and figures can be kept as souvenirs in a dry place without time limit.



Delivery to an outdoor only may be agreed for an extra fee. We charge a delivery fee starting from 15 euros depending on the accurate address.

On ordering a cake delivery, please mention the following:

  1. Delivery address and possibility to drive to an outdoor (door code, if applicable in case of a closed inner yard)!
  2. Contact person accepting the delivery (telephone number)
  3. If there’s no space in a fridge to store a cake prior to its serving, specify the time of the cake serving.


Cake stand for rent

The deposit equals the market price of a cake stand.  The deposit shall be returned in full when a cake stand is returned without delay. In case of delay, the rental cost shall be charged from the deposit for each day of delay in the amount 25% of the total rental pay. In case of any damages of a cake stand, the deposit shall not be returned. The rental period is 4 days. The cake stand must be hand-washed prior to its return!


Force majeure

We reserve the right to cancel the order in case of disease or any other force majeure circumstances that prevent us from executing an order after we notify the client of such circumstances in person.